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AriesCHAIN is the total solution for next generation blockchain application​

The Aries blockchain is designed to solve the challenges of digital content development by using NFT for intellectual property verification and trading, distributed storage technology for digital content storage and distribution, and financial tools to provide financial support to content creators.

What our ecosystem stand for

Copyright protection

Smart contracts are a core component in determining content ownership across the Aries ecosystem and are designed to protect the rights of creators. By providing smart contracts, the Aries ecosystem can reduce the risk for creators, thereby encouraging them to create more content, thus creating a positive cycle for the entire digital content industry.


It is the mission of Aries ecosystem to build the ultimate plug-and-play, convenient and fast metaverse experience. Aries blockchain, an important part of Aries ecosystem, has been designed from the beginning with the concept of security, efficiency and win-win ecosystem.


Digital assets are definable and writable assets that exist in the Aries blockchain as digital data and are protected by blockchain cryptography. Users can create and register their own digital assets on the meta world and perform a series of actions such as giving, transferring, pledging, trading, etc.

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