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The Aries blockchain uses the ERC-1155 protocol token as a digital asset in the Aries blockchain. The advantage of using ERC-1155 protocol is that a complete NFT can be sliced into different shares, which in turn can be flexible and changeable to perform a series of acts such as giving, transferring, pledging, and trading of digital assets.

NFT Trading

Holders of digital content NFTs can auction their NFTs on the NFT trading platform of Aries blockchain. The auction can be conducted in the form of shares, i.e. from 1% to 100%, with 100% representing the complete transfer of copyright. After the bidders take the corresponding share of NFT, when the digital content corresponding to the NFT generates revenue, it will be automatically distributed to the corresponding shareholders in accordance with the share ratio. 

Pledge of copyright

What Aries ecosystem wants to do is to maximize the passion of creators and inspire more ideas that are beneficial to the development of the ecosystem. Therefore, Aries ecosystem brings in the economic incentive mechanism, that is, it can provide financing channels for creators who want to create content. Creators can pledge their existing NFT to obtain digital assets including but not limited to DVC, BTC, ETH, etc. When creators have sufficient funds, they can maximize their creativity and passion. The creator will still receive all the revenue from the NFTs during the pledge period, and the pledgee will be required to repay the financing money received from the pledge and the agreed interest at the end of the pledge period. If the pledge period expires and the pledgee fails to repay the financing and the agreed interest in a timely manner, the pledged NFTs will be fully transferred to the party providing the funds.

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